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Ultrasound technology[新闻1]
The use of ultrasonic welding technology in the plastics industry in the world is becoming common. As a result of the application of this technology can replace the need for the past production of flux, adhesives, nails or other mechanical buckle fixation, resulting in improved productivity and reduced costs. Principle of welding it is produced by the generator 20KHz (or 15KHz) high-pressure, high-frequency signal through the transducer system, the signal is converted to high-frequency mechanical vibrations, in addition to plastic parts through surface and internal molecular Department of Communication to the friction interface temperature, when the temperature reaches its melting point of the workpiece, the workpiece interface so that the rapid melting, and then fill in the gap between interface; when the vibration stopped and the workpiece at the same time cooling under the pressure of a certain shape, Welding will be perfect.
1 apply to plastic toys, electronics, household appliances, daily-use plastic products, plastic stationery, auto parts and accessories industry, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, plastic welding machine hot plate and high-frequency plastic welding machine. Ultrasonic plastic welding machine which in addition to general 20KHZ series, but also to fight against the production of PP, PE and other soft materials and the need to access large diameter, the width of long workpieces 15KHz series 1000W power play from the 4200W, to meet the requirements of different users.

2, made for metal machine parts, bearings, pneumatic components, electronic devices, optical devices, medical devices, plating gold and silver jewelry and components of the ultrasonic pre-treatment washing machine. Power from 100W to 5000W, can design based on user needs trough, immersion, heating type, as well as high-density, low-frequency non-standard special models.

3, for the textile and garment making, craft jewelry industry melting off the ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic machine裥cotton is the industry a new production technology, will help industry to improve the grade of the product.

4, there are a number of industries for the use made of hand-held ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic plastic tube Sealing Machine, ultrasonic drilling machines, correct frequency ultrasonic generator, plastic stationery, plastic with a dedicated page fold machine, folder machine, such as organ-specific machine.

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