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Low-cost ultrasonic behind what?[新闻1]
In the ultrasound industry market conditions, competition, price competition is quite fierce, the same price of a customer in the search after and asked: how could the price of ultrasound such a big difference, the imports were cheaper than domestically produced, it There are such a good thing? The temptation of the community in terms of money, integrity farther and farther away from us, the following question on the ultrasound industry some low-cost marketing strategies with you tell us about:
     Import and Domestic dispute: the composition of ultrasonic components, almost all in the domestic sale, import, why should it? Of course, some imports are necessary components, such as integrated modules, because the grade of products with foreign countries is not a grade, but a lot of technical information on manufacturers, said: NTK transducer Japan, Taiwan, sub-shock origin, Japan凌马达, AIRTAC cylinder, Japan欧姆隆relays, how could, there are many of the transducer manufacturer, than the original price of imported low, like how low-cost Chinese imports would choose it? Are in fact made use of the brand, but is very low, and there is no brand. Let one of the reasons for deception price: at the program, said that with the import, but when the actual production of the domestically produced.
     This is a recent ultrasound some industry insider, and more and more serious, we request not to rely on low-cost consumers in general, domestic imports more expensive than 5 times, in fact, like ultrasonic devices, like ordinary consumer goods too much low-priced items, you feel that reliable? is not what will be hidden? Always focus on the value of commodity prices, if prices deviate from the real value of commodities, then market the city of non-compliance with the laws of it!

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