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Ultrasonic plastic welding material on the impact[新闻1]
1. Ultrasonic spread in the plastic pieces, plastic pieces of a greater or lesser extent on the ultrasonic energy absorption and attenuation, and thus the effect of ultrasonic machining of an effect, plastic non-crystal materials are generally divided, according to hardness yingjiao and the sub-Soft, as well as the distinction between modulus, popular terms, high hardness, low melting point of plastic is better than the performance of ultrasonic machining of low hardness, high melting point of plastic. Therefore, this involves processing the distance ultrasonic distance problem
2. Plastics processing conditions on the effects of ultrasonic welding, plastic parts through injection molding, extrusion or blow molding process, such as different forms and different processing conditions on the ultrasonic welding to form will have an impact factor.
   A, defects humidity: the humidity in the production of defects generally striped or loose pieces of plastic forming process, the humidity in the attenuation defects in the welding energy, so that water seal bit, lengthening the time of welding, so the high humidity in the welding of plastic parts for drying before processing. Such as POM.
   B, injection molding processes: injection molding process parameters will lead to adjustments in the following shortcomings: a size change (shrinkage, flexural deformation) ② weight change in the unity of the three four-poor surface damage
   C, shelf life: by injection molding of plastic parts, the general placed at least 24 hours after welding to eliminate the plastic pieces of their own stress, deformation and other factors. Through the amorphous plastic injection molding plastic parts out of this request from time to time.
   D, recycled plastics: the strength of recycled plastic are relatively poor, and poor adaptive ultrasonic welding, so as to use recycled plastics, various design dimensions have to be taken into account, as appropriate.
   E, release agent and impurities: release agent and impurities on ultrasonic welding have a certain impact. Although the ultrasonic processing can be processed at the surface of the solvent, impurities, such as David opened, but the requirements for sealing, or in the case of high-intensity, should be removed as far as possible. In some cases, cleaning of plastic parts is necessary.

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